MimeMan is an application for RISC OS which provides a graphical interface to the MimeMap file on your computer. The MimeMap file is extremely important and governs how the operating system and applications interpret files when they are transferred to your computer. If you've ever received an email with a PDF file which shows as a Data file, or had trouble downloading a program from the internet, then the culprit may well be an incomplete or broken MimeMap file.

MimeMan allows you to easily examine and alter MimeMap files, whilst ensuring that the file is properly constructed. It can work on any file you choose, including the default system file and a MimeMap file which is provided online as a reference file. This file includes various useful mappings which are not present in many default configurations.


MimeMan is available for download, and requires at least RISC OS 4. (It may work on earlier versions, but is untested. Please contact me if you'd like to try it out.) MimeMan is available as a standard zip file. To unzip it, I recommend InfoZip.

MimeMan icon Download MimeMan (Version 1.30; 0.7 MB)
MimeMan icon Download MimeMan (Version 1.30, excluding help images; 0.5 MB)

Release Note:

This version of MimeMan has a slightly changed interface. When closing down MimeMan, it will save the current session. This will be available from the shortcuts window next time MimeMan is loaded, but will not be displayed automatically as in previous versions.

Please read the usage instructions in the Help file supplied with MimeMan.


This image shows the main MimeMan window with some example entries. Notice the duplicate entries, marked by vertical red bars and the different colours, indicating the entries have come from different sources.


Each entry can be altered, updated or viewed individually.

Editing an individual entry


Please get in touch if you discover bugs (include the MimeMan SysLog file in your email) or have suggestions for improvements and modifications. In particular, if you have recommendations for the online MimeMap file I would be keen to hear them.

Last update: 12th December 2007