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StrongARMAll the software featured here is StrongARMTM compatible.

32-bit compatible Programs marked with this symbol are in theory 32-bit compatible ie will work with Iyonix. Hardly any of the new versions have been tested on anything other than RISC OS 3.7/StrongARM and some haven't been tested at all! But the previous versions had a fairly good track record.

My 32-bit software no longer requires 32-bit !System modules, unless otherwise stated. I've just recompiled it all with StubsG for your convenience and because of licence issues.

Most of what's here that isn't updated for 32-bit yet probably isn't worth converting!

Sizes are approximate.

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compatible WinSnap WinSnap

WinSnap provides a feature seen in many X window managers. It makes the edges of the screen "sticky" so that when you move a window near them they tend to snap to it, making it easier to place them quickly. The top of the iconbar can also be made to behave as a screen edge.

This is a complete rewrite in C for 32-bit compatibility and easier code maintenance. It now works correctly with Toolbox applications, and snapping of windows to each other (for systems with the "nested" window manager) could be added reasonably easily. When I can be bothered. Or if anyone else can.

User reactions (to the original version)

Disc spinDownload WinSnap (18K).

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compatible WinEd WinEd

Note: this is an archive page. More recent versions of WinEd are available.

WinEd is a template editor. Its features are aimed at designing templates for RISC OS 3 with a 3D look, but it can also be used for 2D templates. It used to be shareware, but the registration fee is now voluntary due to the program no longer being actively developed and supported.


The features that set WinEd aside from other template editors include:

Latest version

The latest stable version of WinEd is 2.87. Read this for details of WinEd's evolution. Please read the top of this page to note the change in the licence.

The only change between 2.84 and 2.85 is 32-bit compatibility. There appears to be a bug in Castle's 32-bit C compiler, causing WinEd to crash. Compile it with an older one with the -apcs 3/32/... option. 2.86 onwards are compiled against StubsG so as to not need Castle's System update.


WinEd requires RISC OS 3.1 or later.

Download WinEd

spin Download WinEd 2.87 (138K).


DinEd is an extremely contrived acronym for "DIY WinEd", giving me the chance to use the phrase "wined and dined" <grin>. It's actually the source for WinEd, released under the GPL.

Disc spin Download DinEd 2.87 (source for WinEd) (137K).

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compatible !nstall !nstall

!nstall is a program making it easy for users to install software on RISC OS computers. Installing software is more complicated than it used to be, because modern programs commonly need to be supplied with system resources to ensure they work across as many systems as possible, especially since the release of RISC OS 5.

!nstall enables developers to supply various system resources along with their applications with flexible delivery media while making the process easy for end users with a Wizard-like progression through pages in a window for customising the installation, and progress bars while the files are being copied and unpacked, showing overall and per-disc progress.

!nstall itself is released under a BSD style licence but makes use of tar and bzip2 which have alternative but compatible free licences. !nstall was originally released under the GPL but I changed it to lift restrictions on commercial use.

The slightly weird name is because Install, being fairly obvious, was already taken.

Disc spin Download !nstall 1.00 (253K).

Don't be put off by the large size; the archive also contains source, including tar and bzip2. The source need not be included with your installation discs provided any changes you make are published elsewhere.

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compatible FormText FormText

FormText is a utility for formatting textfile manuals. It ensures that lines are the right length, that there are regular page-breaks, and it can add headers, footers and even a table of contents.

Now includes source.

Disc spin Download FormText 1.11 (32K).


compatible THSound THSound

THSound is a module (with documentation) to allow you to easily play samples from memory. It includes a utility for playing sample files in the background as a separate program.

THSound 2.1 provides an easy API to play WAV and ARMovie sound files using the Replay codecs, opening up the ability to use 16-bit sound.

spin Download THSound 2.21 (56K).

Note: this is an archive page. A more recent build of THSound is now available:
spin Download THSound 2.22 (56K).


compatible THHeap THHeap

THHeap is a module (with documentation) to handle OS_Heap memory management in Dynamic Areas. There is also an RMA version for backwards compatibility.

spin Download THHeap 1.23 (20K).

Versions 1.20 onwards have a facility to reduce fragmentation and overhead. Now with StrongHelp documentation composed by Will Everitt and improved by Reuben Thomas. Source also included. Should hopefully now be 32-bit clean. Now released under the terms of the LGPL.


compatible Jpeg2Spr Jpeg2Spr

Jpeg2Spr is a utility for fast conversion of JPEG images to sprites - an ideal image helper for Termite/Webite (does anyone still use that?).

SpriteExtend 0.99 or later required.

Disc spin Download Jpeg2Spr (5K).

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Ant Utils ANT Internet Suite utilities

PreDeliver is a pair of utilities for users of the ANT Internet Suite to provide partial email filtering by extracting email addresses for delivery from headers.

Disc spin Download PreDeliver 2.00 (39K).

rnews2ant takes a news batch in the conventional format used by Newsbase etc and converts it to the format the ANT suite downloads news in, allowing you to use alternative news fetchers with Marcel.

Disc spin Download rnews2ant 1.00 (4K).

FrescoFilter allows HotList to be run by clicking Adjust on Fresco's HotList icons.

Disc spin Download FrescoFilter 0.03 (2K).

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ToggleMode ToggleMode

ToggleMode is a little program which takes details of your two favourite Risc PC modes and installs a module in your Boot sequence. This module filters mouse clicks on the Display manager icon so that clicking Adjust toggles between the two modes you entered.

ToggleMode isn't the only program that does this sort of thing, but it's one of the smallest and simplest.

Disc spinDownload ToggleMode 1.11 (2K).

ToggleMode 2 allows 4 modes to be conveniently selected with one click by pointing at different parts of the Display manager icon.

Disc spin Download ToggleMode 2.00 (3K).


compatible NewsFind NewsFind

NewsFind is an 'applet' for searching for patterns in messages stored by Newsbase. It requires Newsbase 0.55 or later.

NewsFind 1.00 was originally published in the December 1996 issue of Acorn User under their PD scheme which means it is now free to be redistributed.

NewsFind 2 has several small improvements and bug fixes over the original and can also be launched from an external application. Version 2.30 can now be used to delete matching messages.

Disc spin Download NewsFind 2.40 (20K).

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S-Base S-Base sprites

Disc spin A few new sprites to update the appearance of S-Base (4K).

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compatible StripOSLib

Disc spin A set of tools and an automation script to strip OSLib down, making it easier to interwork with other libraries and faster to compile (14K).


compatible SmartOpenDir SmartOpenDir

SmartOpenDir allows directories to be automatically opened with customised filer display options by matching any directory about to be opened against a set of wildcarded patterns and setting the filer display options immediately before displaying it.

The latest version allows options to be changed for directories containing long filenames, useful because they look ugly with large icons.

Note that if upgrading from 1.11 or earlier, you must edit your patterns files so that comments begin with the double-quote (") character instead of hashes (#). This is because it may be useful to have a # at the start of a pattern.

Now compatible with RISC OS 4.

spin Download SmartOpenDir 1.30 (28K).

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Library MemLeak

Disc spin A pair of source files to help track down memory leaks in your C programs. These should work on any platform with a C compiler (2.5K).

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compatible ArtToSpr ArtToSpr

ArtToSpr converts Artworks and Draw vector images to sprites. As far as I know it's the only program of its kind for Artworks, and the best of its kind for Draw. Full control is provided over the rotation and scaling of images, including scaling to fit a given size of sprite.

The latest version includes a command-line interface and the ability to generate masked sprites.

ArtToSpr was previously published by Acorn User and is now freeware.

Disc spin Download ArtToSpr 2.21 (29K).

Requires AWViewer, available from Martin Wuerthner's website.

Disc spin Download ArtToSpr's source code (47K).

This source should prove an invaluable resource for any programmers wanting to include Artworks rendering in an application written mainly in C or C++.

If you want to recompile ArtToSpr you'll probably save time by downloading StripOSLib while you're here.

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Bombz Bombz

Bombz is a puzzle game. The object is to push bombs into strategic places and detonate them before escaping to another level by moving off the edge of the screen. There is a time limit, but you're allowed to continue a level even when it runs out, you just won't be given the password to the next.

A level designer is included so that you can design your own levels when you've finished the ones provided. If you design some, please send them to me.

Source code is included in the archive.

Disc spin Download Bombz 1.11 (126K).