Adam's RISC OS Stuff

This is a collection of links to stuff I've done which are connected to RISC OS. The programs are supplied either as self-extracting packages or as zip files. If you choose the self-extracting version, just set the type to "Absolute" once you've downloaded it and then double click on it. (If you need a reminder of how to "set a filetype", have a look at this this quick (popup) example.) Then drag the program to wherever you want to put it. To unzip the "zipped" archives, I recommend InfoZip.

CaretChase is a small utility which makes the pointer follow the caret around (when you're typing) like a lost puppy. The latest version is 1.01 (September 2005). It is available either as a self-extracting file or in a zip archive.
HelpScan examines your system, collates the help files presented by your applications and presents the results in a convenient HTML file. The latest version is 1.04 (August 2007). It is available either as a self-extracting file or as a standard zip archive.

If you like to keep things simple, you can also download an older version, called HelpScan Lite which doesn't have all the bells, whistles and generall faffyness of the newest version.

HelpScan also makes use of SysLog and AcornURI, although neither of these are vital.

Reviving a NewOld RiscPC
I've written a short tutorial to guide people through installing a fresh boot structure in their RiscPCs. It's aimed at those who've just acquired a second hand RiscPC and are having trouble with it. Anyway, it's here.
Programming Hints and Tips
This page has moved to the wiki.
Continuing the "resources for programmers" theme, the programmers amongst you might be interested in a small utility I've written to provide multi-tasking error/message boxes which can be used in obey files (or anywhere else for that matter). It's got it's own page with instructions and stuff, so please take a look.
BabelCheck is a small command line utility to help with ensuring translations of Messages files are complete. It will scan an 'original' messages file and a translation of it and inform you if any tokens are missing from the translation. It will also write out a new file with any missing tokens replaced by their values from the original file.
BabelCheck is written in C, compiled with GCC, linked with DeskLib and is supplied with its source code.
Tony Houghton's Programs
Tony's decided not to clutter up his home page with his old RISC OS programs, and has kindly agreed that I can host them here, with a roughly reconstructed verson of his old site. ArtToSpr and the indispensible WinSnap (which makes windows snap, handily, to the edges of the screen) are the headliners, but there's a whole host of useful apps and utilities too.
MimeMan is a utility to manage the MimeMap file on your computer. It provides a graphical interface to any MimeMap file you choose and will also download a "reference" MimeMap file from the internet for use on your computer. It's available here.
PopStop is simple utility which can warn you if you try to shut down your computer with mail or news waiting to be sent. Version 0.17 can be downloaded from here.
Cache provides a central repository for applications to store non-permanent data. Version 1.13 can be downloaded here.
WinEd is a template editor originally written by Tony Houghton and now maintained by me. More information can be found on the WinEd homepage The last version by Tony can be downloaded from his old site.

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Last update: 24th February 2009